Mistakes to avoid while selling!

News at Chris Tinsley | 20/02/2018

We, at Chris Tinsley Estate Agents know that buying and selling can be a stressful and emotional time for many reasons, but when working with us we can provide you with support and advice and a team with the drive to get the right results.

Below are a few mistakes to avoid during the selling process!


Don't make it personal! 

It might seem odd but the decor really does affect the saleability of the property! You may really love having all purple walls and floors but that's not to say everyone else will! Pick up a pot of magnolia paint, clear out the clutter and keep any personal possessions on show to a minimum! 


Light, Bright and Airy!

Make sure any blinds and curtains are pulled back to give an impression of space and airiness and that any lights are switched on. It’s also a good idea to cut back any trees or foliage which may be obscuring natural light from outside too!


Stay away from quick fixes

Though it might be tempting to fit the latest kitchen or bathroom to entice a buyer, it is cheaper and more effective to just refresh the paint work to something neutral and make sure everything is clean! That quick fix seems like a good idea but your taste and the buyer's taste might not be in line.


Get to know the market

Property markets vary widely between region, town and even street. That’s why a one-size fits all approach will never work! Go with an estate agent who knows the locality, has a proven track record in selling properties in the area and is therefore best placed to value your home realistically and market it effectively.


Choose the right Estate Agent

We at Chris Tinsley are a firm made up of local people with a passion for property. Chris Tinsley Estate Agents is built upon the foundations of honesty, integrity and professionalism and the Team prides itself on delivering exceptional work and providing a truly excellent service.